United Arab Emirates: UAE Legal Q&As: Can An Employee Injured At Work Claim Compensation?
Mondaq News Alerts | 16-Mar-2018
Question: My friend is a construction worker and was injured at work. Can he request compensation? Answer: UAE law guarantees the safety of employees during work and obligates the employers to ensure an appropriate work environment that guarantees the safety of workers.

‘Over 58 per cent workplaces in Peshawar violate labour laws’ | 15-Mar-2018
PESHAWAR: More than 58 per cent workplaces in Peshawar were violating labour laws, which had detrimental effects on women workers, said Women Workers Alliance at a convention here on Wednesday.

Legislators urged to review labour laws
The Nation | 13-Mar-2018
KARACHI - Civil society and labour leaders on Monday called upon the legislators of Sindh Assembly to review and amend all the labour laws passed by present assembly by making them compliant to the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

247 expatriates arrested by ROP for violating Labour Law
Muscat Daily | 12-Mar-2018
Muscat - The ROP, in cooperation with other government agencies, has arrested 247 Asian and African nationals for Labour Law violations. Of the 247 arrested include 199 women and 48 men.

Labour law amendments not just good news for fathers
Independent Online | 07-Mar-2018
Parliament passed the Labour Law Amendment Act in November last year. While the media has mostly focused on the right to longer leave for new fathers, the provisions cover a broader spectrum of concerns.

Respect labour laws
Zambia Daily Mail | 02-Mar-2018
AMBIA’s investment climate is one of the most attractive on the continent. There are, however, some investors who still need to be schooled on the absolute need for them to adhere to Zambia’s labour laws.

Japan's PM climbs down on contentious labour reform after data flaws
Channel NewsAsia | 01-Mar-2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has abandoned for now a key labour law reform aimed at boosting productivity after admitting data used to support the change was flawed, an embarrassing political climb-down likely to disappoint businesses and investors. Read more at

U.S. labour agency overturns major ruling, citing Trump appointee's conflict
Reuters | 27-Feb-2018
(Reuters) - The National Labor Relations Board on Monday made it easier for companies that franchise their brands, such as McDonald’s Corp (MCD.N), to be held liable for labour law violations.

Magna CEO blasts Ontario labour laws, electricity rates
Automotive News Canada (blog) | 26-Feb-2018
ar-reaching changes to Ontario labour laws could prevent automakers and suppliers from investing in Canadian manufacturing, the CEO of Canada’s largest auto supplier warns.

The Grand Coalition's (GroKo's) Plans for Labour Law
Lexology | 23-Feb-2018
After the conclusion of coalition talks between the CDU/CSU and SPD, the following changes to labour law will be pursued by the upcoming coalition government. On 7 February 2018, the Union parties (CDU and CSU) and the SPD successfully concluded negotiations for a new grand coalition. In addition to general platform statements, the 177-page coalition agreement contains specific proposals for change. The following is an overview of the most significant labour law projects contained in the coalition agreement.

Turkey: Mediation In Labour Disputes Made Mandatory By Parliament: What Are The New Changes?
Mondaq News Alerts | 22-Feb-2018
The New Labour Courts Law numbered 7036 (the "New Law") was published in the Official Gazette no. 30221 dated 25 October 2017 and entered into force as of that date except for articles 3, 11 and 12 which have only become applicable as of 1 January 2018.

Labour’s PFI proposals risk endangering business confidence
Financial Times | 20-Feb-2018
John McDonnell has never been coy about his intentions. Labour’s shadow chancellor once

2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census - Policy Brief on Children and Youth
ReliefWeb | 14-Feb-2018
Being important to today’s development of society as well as being the hope and future of a country, children and youth deserve a good start in life through better health provision, a nurturing home environment, educational opportunities, and eliminating barriers so that they could properly transition to adulthood in ways that will contribute to the economic and social development of the country.

Georgian trade unions collect signatures in an effort to amend labour legislation
JAMnews (blog) | 14-Feb-2018
The Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC) has started collecting signatures under a petition titled ‘Make Work Safer!’

Myriam Denis story reveals some questionable HR practices in PMO, say labour experts
Hill Times | 12-Feb-2018
The PMO bureau charged with resolving harassment complaints shouldn’t have reached out to a potential victim of inappropriate behaviour while a third-party investigation was ongoing, because such an action can hurt the integrity of the workplace complaints resolution process in the country’s top political executive office, say human resource and labour experts.

A New Statesman conference exploring policy areas related to the Northern Powerhouse strategy
New Statesman | 09-Feb-2018
The New Statesman is pleased to announce a policy conference to be held in Leeds Town Hall on Tuesday 27th February, to coincide with the launch of a New Statesman-Spotlight report on the Northern Powerhouse. We'll be exploring the key themes of devolution, investment in northern business and infrastructure, transport, education and the rebalancing of the economy, with leading political and business figures and advocates of the Northern Powerhouse strategy.

Gig economy workers angry at lack of bogus self-employment curbs
The Guardian | 07-Feb-2018
Gig economy workers have expressed anger that long-awaited changes to working practices in Britain have stopped short of bringing in new laws to prevent bogus self-employment, which denies basic rights to around 1.1 million couriers, minicab drivers and other workers.

ICT admin to codify four new labour laws for capital
The Nation | 06-Feb-2018
Islamabad-The Islamabad District Administration is in the process of codifying four new laws to regulate the terms and conditions of employment of workers in the federal capital, according to the documents available with The Nation.

Amendments to Labour Law urged
Jordan Times | 06-Feb-2018
AMMAN — The Jordan Labour Watch on Saturday issued a statement calling for the amendment of several articles in the Labour Law, which is set to be discussed this week by the Lower House Labour Committee.

Poor enforcement of labour law still harming fishing industry
The Nation | 05-Feb-2018
INSUFFICIENT law enforcement remains a challenge in the Thai government’s efforts to combat the illegal fishery industry, which includes the practices of forced labour and human trafficking, according to a United States official.

Labour laws and industrial relations as catalysts for industrial development and labour welfare
New Era | 02-Feb-2018
Labour laws mediate the relationship between employees, employing entities, trade unions and the government. Collective labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union.

Del Duca defends labour law changes at Cambridge Chamber of Commerce breakfast | 02-Feb-2018
CAMBRIDGE — Ontario's chambers of commerce are not fans of recent labour law changes including a higher minimum wage.

Labour law reform: J&K's uniform employment code proposal can be first step
Business Standard | 30-Jan-2018
I propose to frame a uniform Employment Code for the state, containing all the labour laws in force in the State. The proposed Employment Code shall set out the framework for terms of employment and service of all the workers except domestic workers and agricultural labour and a strong, independent and separate labour judiciary.

Germany's top earners targeted in push for diluted labor laws
Reuters | 30-Jan-2018
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany’s business heartland has begun moves to loosen the country’s strict labor laws for high earners, aiming to boost competitiveness but putting it on a collision course with powerful labor unions.

No law to inspect child labour in Islamabad households
Pakistan Today | 29-Jan-2018
ISLAMABAD: It is shocking that the existing labour laws in the federal capital do not cover the domestic workers, therefore, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration cannot inspect or protect the rights of the children working in the houses, thus raising many eyebrows.

Labour law recognises lock-out, picketing – NLC
The News | 26-Jan-2018
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) says that the Labour law recognised lock-out and picketing as a tool that workers can use to advance their issues in the country.

Govt to announce employment law changes
Radio New Zealand | 25-Jan-2018
The government is set to keep 90-day trials as they are for businesses that employ fewer than 20 employees, but there will be changes for larger businesses.

Public Consultation on Review of the Employment Act (Closing on 15 Feb 2018)
Lexology | 24-Jan-2018
The Employment Act, Cap. 91 (the "Act") is the main legislation in Singapore providing employees with statutory rights and protections.

Shepherd and Wedderburn publishes fourth European Employment Law Guide
Scottish Legal News | 24-Jan-2018
Shepherd and Wedderburn’s employment team has collaborated with 30 leading law firms across Europe to produce the European Employment Law Update for 2018.

5 employment law issues to watch out for this year | 24-Jan-2018
From GDPR to gender gaps, Peninsula’s Alan Hickey talks us through what businesses and HR professionals need to watch out for when it comes to employment law. From high-profile decisions on retirement and managing disabilities in the workplace, to widespread claims regarding sexual harassment, 2017 has been a busy year in employment law.

Labour ‘arms race’ as unions aim to sway MP reselection battles
The Guardian | 17-Jan-2018
Labour-supporting trade unions are quietly affiliating scores of branches to the party – allowing those branches a vote on party positions – in key constituencies in a bid to influence future reselection battles, the Guardian has learned.

22 expats held in Oman over Labour Law breaches
Times of Oman | 15-Jan-2018
Muscat: Police arrested 22 expats in Barka, according to a statement from the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

Some local businesses caught off guard by amendments to Alberta labour law
CTV News | 11-Jan-2018
Changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code that came into effect on New Year’s Day are having a big impact on some small businesses.

Ontario investigates businesses allegedly breaking new labour laws
CTV News | 09-Jan-2018
TORONTO -- Ontario is vowing to crack down on companies that break the labour laws as they try to offset the added costs of a higher minimum wage, but some are accusing the Liberal government of scapegoating business for electoral gain.

Labour activist's bomb scare 'joke' in Jo Cox's seat after Conservative Association booked mining museum to hold a dinner
Daily Mail | 08-Jan-2018
After the senseless murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, her friend Tracy Brabin won Cox’s Batley and Spen seat in the resulting by-election.

Have your say: Are new labour law changes a concern for employers?
Benefits Canada | 04-Jan-2018
New labour law changes, particularly enhanced leave provisions in Ontario, are likely to increase costs and administrative challenges for employers, according to one expert.

Top 10 Canadian Labour & Employment Law Developments of 2017
Lexology | 03-Jan-2018
To ring in the New Year, we highlight the ten most significant developments in Canadian labour and employment law in 2017:

Labour Act-2017 hailed for ensuring workers' wellbeing
The Kathmandu | 02-Jan-2018
The guarantee of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) of workers at workplace in the latest labour legislation is the first ever instance of workers’ health and safety of workers being secured by the country’s law.

More than 400 expats deported for violating labour law
Times of Oman | 27-Dec-2017
Muscat: Oman's Ministry of Manpower registered 1,268 expats violating the labour law and 471 of them were deported last week, officials have announced.

401 workers violate Labour Law
Muscat Daily | 26-Dec-2017
Muscat - The weekly report of the joint inspection team in the Ministry of Manpower stated that the number of workers violating the Labour Law from December 17 till 23 stood at 401.

Alberta’s small businesses chafe under new labour laws
The Globe and Mail | 26-Dec-2017
Small-business advocates in Alberta are raising concerns about new provincial employment standards that take effect on Jan. 1, rules they say will bring added costs and regulatory burdens to businesses.

Labour calls for new laws to tackle Russian and far-right web propaganda
The Guardian | 21-Dec-2017
UK laws on electoral interference are hopelessly outdated amid a threat from Russia and far-right web propaganda, Labour is to argue, calling for the national security strategy to include a specific commitment to defend democracy.

Govt's Mixed Message Danger On Labour Laws
Bahamas Tribune | 20-Dec-2017
THE Government has been warned it could undermine its own efforts to spark economic growth by sending mixed messages over further labour law reforms.

Effect of changes to Alberta’s labour laws ‘should not be underestimated,’ expert says
The Lawyer's Daily | 19-Dec-2017
A major overhaul to Alberta’s labour laws is being called a “sea change,” but legal observers say the legislation still has flaws that could lead to problems in the future.

Myanmar wields its own Official Secrets Act against Reuters reporters
Malaysiakini | 18-Dec-2017
Myanmar has accused Reuters reporters Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, of breaching the country’s Official Secrets Act, a little-used holdover from colonial rule. Sam Zarifi, secretary general of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), said the law can ensnare working journalists “at any time.”

‘Labour Act should protect workers’
NewsDay | 18-Dec-2017
n his 2018 national budget statement, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said they will be holistic amendments to the Labour Act to strike a balance between creating an environment conducive for investment and protecting the fundamental rights of employees.

Why changes to South Africa’s labour laws are an assault on workers’ rights | 14-Dec-2017
The biggest changes to South Africa’s labour laws since 1995, shortly after the country’s first democratic elections, are currently being considered by parliament. If passed into law, they will significantly limit the hard won rights of workers to strike. In addition, details about the country’s much-heralded national minimum wage set out in the enabling legislation show that, in practice, it may be unenforceable.

Sexual harassment case involving MLA's former firm surfaces during labour law changes
Edmonton Journal | 13-Dec-2017
Despite his former company being involved in a sexual harassment case, United Conservative Party house leader Jason Nixon maintains there’s no need for the government to legislate workplace harassment policies.

Saudi arrests 180,000 residence, labour law violators
Gulf Business News | 12-Dec-2017
Saudi authorities have arrested more than 180,000 violators of residence, labour and border security laws as part of a crackdown that began in mid November.

Law on salary deductions invalid
Business Day | 08-Dec-2017
In a landmark case, the Constitutional Court has ruled that employers of public servants may no longer unilaterally make salary deductions without due process.